A Blood Deep Darkness (The Dark Reunion Series, Book 1)

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About A Blood Deep Darkness (The Dark Reunion Series, Book 1)

A Love Beyond Death, A Curse Beyond Time, A War Beyond Hope

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Vampire insurrectionist Camden Paratus is determined to put an end to the vicious blood system that has held the world captive since the Human Annihilation War. An undercover operative for a rebellion group, Camden feels he can only make up for the failure of his past by procuring the only known chapters of the Vampiric Triumph, a secretive book that contains the ritual of the King of Darkness, the key to controlling a child with enormous power.

Beautiful Lycan heiress Danielle Calen is on the run from her lethal pack. Her sister is the beta wolf of a violent extremist pack who believe murder and vengeance are the best means of remaining free. But those views killed their parents and sent her sister down a spiraling path of bloodthirsty madness. When that madness results in violence, Danielle is determined to rescue her sister from a death sentence.

Camden and Danielle meet in the storm of their lives. The prophecy they’d grown up ignoring suddenly casts their intense and forbidden attraction in a whole new light. Surrounded by violence and betrayals, in a world where blood is currency, their attraction reveals devastating consequences linked to a time-transcending curse of love and death. Will they have the courage to challenge destiny, oppression, and war, or will their passion be the trigger for their shocking end?