Avoidables 1 (City of Unwanted Faces)

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About Avoidables 1 (City of Unwanted Faces)

Even freaks deserve love.

In a future where people who are deemed ugly or unique are banished to the other side of the river, I am the only angel born into an Avoidables body. Yippee for me. Humanity has spawned two races. Perfects and Avoidables. One, always beautiful in physicality, the other, not.

As more and more angels come to Earth to infiltrate the Perfect government, I have a choice to make. Do I stay hidden on the Lower Side, afraid to embrace the angel qualities I never knew I had – yeah, seriously, someone could’ve told me – or do I accept my mission to destroy the breeders of hate?

When Jason, the only angel born into a Perfects body, decides to track me down after a bomb goes off at the Perfect government building, I can’t escape. Something draws us close, even though we’re opposites. Together, we have to accept the inevitable. Work to help the angels bring back humanity or risk the lives of every Avoidable.