Blood and Shadow (The Mage’s Gift Book 1)

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About Blood and Shadow (The Mage’s Gift Book 1)

He wanted nothing of war. Now he must face a ruthless enemy to save his family from ruin.

Sherakai dan Tameko would rather tend his horses than ride them into battle. As the fourth son of a famous soldier, he’s content to embrace his animal magic and let his siblings carry on his father’s warrior legacy. But Sherakai’s plans shatter when all his brothers go missing, and one is returned home dead.

Determined to bring the others back alive, he defies his father and follows his power down a trail of clues, only to be captured and escorted to his relative’s estate. But instead of a sanctuary, he discovers dark forces conspiring to twist his powers for their own treacherous gain.

Will Sherakai succumb to sorcery and torture, or can he awaken his inner hero and prevent his family’s doom?

Blood and Shadow is the first book in the spellbinding Mage’s Gift fantasy series. If you like heroic tales, moral dilemmas, and page-turning action, then you’ll love Robin Lythgoe’s captivating novel.

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