Christmas in Wintertide: A Sweetheart Springs Novel

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About Christmas in Wintertide: A Sweetheart Springs Novel

Clean & Wholesome. No swearing, no intimate scenes. PG-rated romance.

Lena Dyer has never had luck with romance. After getting fired from her job by the guy she was dating, she moves back home to Sweetheart Springs with her tail between her legs. Now, without a job to support her, Lena is trying to look at her life as a brand new start, not rock bottom.

When Pete McKinnon’s only relative passes away, he finds himself thrust into the spotlight of his small hometown. Inheriting a fortune, he finds that the friends he used to have are suddenly preoccupied with his newfound billionaire status, and everyone has ulterior motives.

Everyone, it seems, but Lena.

Attempting to keep away from the town and his mind off the grief, Pete begins renovating his grandmother’s old house, leading him and Lena to stumble onto a town love triangle. As they follow the mystery through every corner of town, what they find has them questioning what they knew about romance to start with, not to mention what sacrifices are made in the name of true love.