Dark Night of the Soul

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About Dark Night of the Soul

In the darkest moments…a sacrifice to end a life…a rescue to save a soul…

From the moment Elaine Pearson and Ian Kearney crossed paths on the Bartram Trail, they are helplessly drawn and spellbound by the other as an untamed love challenges the pervading shadows of a forgotten past, and sets into motions consequences neither can foresee…until it’s too late.

As the depths of their love are tested, and boundaries encroached by rogue Lycans stalking Elaine, the third installment of the Heart and Soul series, Dark Night of the Soul, follows their precarious journey to Armik as lives unravel, promises are broken…and sacrifices made…

Can love transcend a living death…prevail after souls have crossed over into the most abysmal darkness…or is hope lost as one risks death to save the other…asked to surrender…to let go…and love another?

The supernatural love story of Elaine and Ian continues in this heartfelt romance—a testimony to all lost souls who stumble from the shadows of who they were, and into the light of who they were meant to be…


R. W. Patterson recognizes the books in the Heart and Soul series are recommended for Adult Audiences as they contain mature scenes and violence. She also recognizes for story continuity, readers are encouraged to read the series in order: Solace From Shadows, Light and Shadows, Dark Night of the Soul, and Light Over Dark Water. Each book is not intended as a stand-alone work.