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About Desperation

She believes he murdered her parents, the King and Queen of the Sky Throne. She believes he wants her and her sister dead. But one person’s perception and reality are rarely so succinct.

Charlotte grew up being in love with the man she was promised to marry. Aurek was a warrior, a Daeva Prince to equal her Daeva Princess, and meant to protect their people when they took the throne. Where she was spoiled and young, he was patient and understanding. When she had outbursts, he was there to sooth her naive woes. It was a perfect match, just like her parents intended.

Until he murdered them.

Hiding was something she never thought she would achieve. It was only a matter of time. But hours became days, and days became years. The thought of being found slipped away, becoming nothing but nightmares and memories. Her and her sister made a life in a world filled with technology, hiding amongst Humankind despite being nothing so simple. They were safe, and it was all that mattered.

Until he found them.

Becca Ryden’s debut novel is a fantasy/romance with dark undertones. It is set in modern-day with ties to the 1800s and encompasses various fantasy elements, from magic and vampires to the elements and the old gods. If you find certain events triggering, this book may not be suitable for you.