Desponia: Goddess of Mystery

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About Desponia: Goddess of Mystery

Secrets can be dangerous things, even for the Goddess of Mystery. And those determined to keep them, far more dangerous still.

All Desponia wants is to live a good and just life on Mount Olympus. And after growing up in a mortal temple, the young goddess’s dream of living among the gods is finally coming true.

But her ‘fantasy life’ might be cut short when her hidden power reveals a secret worth killing for.

There’s no going back.

The wrath of a powerful Olympian crashes into Desponia’s life, and it seems that there is no shielding her from his rage.

Desponia doesn’t want to run. She won’t hide. Naïve, stupid, or brave, Desponia isn’t afraid to risk her life for what she believes in.

But her life isn’t the only one in danger.

Can she walk the line, be the savior and the saint? If the fates aren’t merciful our goddess may discover that immortals can also find themselves in the clutches of death.

Desponia Goddess of Mystery is the first book in this brilliant epic fantasy series. If you want to see your favorite mythical characters enlivened, re-envisioned, and thrown into a world of drama, danger, and deceit, then you will love L. M. Goodman’s action-packed new Greek Mythology novel.

Is the color of justice a shade of gray or blood red? Read Desponia Goddess of Mystery to find out.