Hairy Potter and the Sourcer’s Secret

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About Hairy Potter and the Sourcer’s Secret

A hero must rise to subdue the increase of evil and corruption in a dystopian society nestled betwixt folklore and science; between magic and mayhem.

In a village half a world away from the magic realm of Harry Potter, live the citizens of Golden Valley. As their surroundings become more wicked and violent, their only hope is a hero— the One, an anointed champion prophesied by the ancients in a mysterious object known as the Sourcer’s Secret.

When a rogue warrior, known as the Dragon, escapes the Provincial Prison, his mystic powers and dark arts, along with politburo backing, may prove too much for the inhabitants of Golden Valley to combat.

A mild-mannered, unassuming potter’s son has dreams of becoming a valiant, mystic warrior— one who escapes danger, rescues innocents, and rights wrongs. Hairy Potts is a wog. He’s not a warrior… and the twain can never exchange roles… or can they?

If ever there existed a time for true mystic power to arise, it is now. A hero must emerge.

Will Hairy muster the stamina and endurance to overcome?

Can he even find the courage to survive?