Hunters for Hire : An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure

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On sale through September 23, 2023

About Hunters for Hire : An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure

In the city of Angels the madness runs deep…

Hollywood. Jonny Hunter is living proof life sucks. Scraping by paycheck to paycheck this desperate would-be actor is hungry for any break. And after he learns his fiancée is dumping him, his roommate is a vampire, and LA is infested with; werewolves, magic, fairies and witches, a paid gig to hunt down a rogue chimera seems like his last shot.

Slugging it out under the moonlight with his aggressive new monster-hunting neighbor, Jonny soon discovers the secret showbiz underworld can leave more than a few bruises. But amidst the; angels, demons, ghosts and spirits, he’s sure of one thing: He’s about to battle an unspeakable supernatural evil.

Can this underdog finish off a paranormal power before it’s curtains for all?

Hunters for Hire is the fast-paced first book in the Hunters for Hire urban fantasy series. If you like relentless heroes, coffee-spitting smack-talk, and wiping the floor with otherworldly baddies before dawn, then you’ll love Jonathan Yanez’s non-stop pursuit.

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