Immortal Amazon

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About Immortal Amazon

Jennis’ problems begin when she is contracted to produce a brochure in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil and three things happen. She discovers that they have assigned a dashing, young man to be her pilot and she finds an unpleasant surprise waiting for her at the power plant. But it is the chance snapshot she takes on the flight back to Rio which goes viral after Miguel the pilot uploads the photograph online. The man in the photograph is a young scientist who went missing 20 years ago. Problem is he hasn’t aged and Jennis is afraid of the attention it will bring to her for she had a secret she wants kept. The question everyone now asks is ‘Did this man find the secret to immortality?’

Three powerful women each want the secret to how to live forever so badly they are prepared to pay any price – All three women are willing to risk everything and give up what it takes to get to the Elixir of Youth. And murder soon becomes a guest in their desperate and scheming minds.