Into the Mind of Lucifer (Angelic Wars)

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About Into the Mind of Lucifer (Angelic Wars)

Into the Mind of Lucifer is the background story of why Lucifer rebelled against God. This prequel is the start of the epic story, as told in the Angelic Wars, First Rebellion, of the internal struggles and external battles among the angels for the control of Heaven. This introduction, like the series, is unlike any other action-adventure fantasy because the books provide links in the text to author-composed songs sung by the characters. In addition, this book’s setting is mostly in Heaven and guided by footnoted Biblical passages.

Lucifer, the most revered of all angels in Heaven, is sent on the first mission to earth—to serve God’s pinnacle of creation, humankind. He is the first angel to travel into the material world and the first to realize that God has been “holding back” against his angels—the power of a free will. While on earth, Lucifer is frustrated while waiting for this pinnacle of creation to materialize. His frustration boils into rage as he learns that not only can he use his free will to control his destiny, but he can also use it to alter God’s creations. This prequel sets the stage for Lucifer’s journey back to Heaven where he raises an army against God and his Kingdom.