Lady Mary’s Predicament: Clean and Sweet Regency Romance Story

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About Lady Mary’s Predicament: Clean and Sweet Regency Romance Story

A Clean and Wholesome Regency Romance story full of intrigues and unexpected twists and turns!

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Lady Mary Moreland has everything figured out. In just her second season in London, she’s managed to catch the eye – and the interest – of a duke! It’s a real victory and the culmination of years of training. As soon as they are married, Mary plans to enjoy her new status, and all the women who are talking behind their hands will have to look up to her. It’s going to be everything she’s dreamed of.

In an instant, her hopes and plans come crashing down at her feet, when her maid rushes to her side and tells her an agent of the king has come, and she’s about to be arrested as a spy. There is a war going on against Napoleon’s forces in France, and her mother’s family were French aristocrats, so it seems suspicion has fallen on Mary. Terrified, she flees into the night, alone.

It’s the beginning of a journey that will take her all the way across England to the moors of Yorkshire and from the sitting rooms of society to the back stairs and small spaces occupied by a servant. At least she’s safe here…or is she?

As a companion to fragile Lady Katherine Whitby, Mary answers to her older brother Henry, the Duke of Highcliff. She finds him handsome but unpredictable, and she soon learns that this small family living on the lonely moors has any number of dark secrets. Are the Whitbys the answer to her dilemma? Will she marry a duke, after all?

Even more important, can she let the man who ruined her life in the first place prevent her from making a big mistake?