No Place to Run

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About No Place to Run

Home should hold back the shadows not create them
How toxic can a family be?
Anna Felby has fled her life of wealth and privilege for peace in the countryside. There, for the first time in her life she finds peace and unconditional love. From her dog, her old horse and her little herd of llamas.
Her idyll is shattered when she finds the body of her estranged aunt Geraldine in her vegetable patch.
Because Geraldine was a famous television star, Anna is invaded by the press, one of whom is the mysterious Harry Nichols.
Harry’s revelations about her family’s business infuriate Anna but she dismisses him as just another prying journalist. That changes after he defends her against some very nasty visitors. Despite her distrust they join forces.
But someone thinks Anna is too big a threat to be left alive. To stay alive they have to find Geraldine’s murderer. The stakes escalate as they get closer to the truth behind Anna’s family’s wealth. How far will her appalling family go to suppress that truth?