Remembering You: A Novel Inspired by True Events.

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About Remembering You: A Novel Inspired by True Events.

As I stood there, my mind reeling in disbelief, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that the love of my life was gone forever. How could I ever recover from this? Would I eventually find a way to cope and move on?

There were many coffee visits to my mother’s house, but this one turned out to be the one I would never forget. Mid conversation, I stopped to show her a funny meme from a social media platform when a post in my feed made my stomach drop. There, punching me in the gut, I saw a photo of my fiancé with a black ribbon on the side of the picture. In disbelief, I went to her FB page and saw multiple posts saying she was gone—no longer on this Earth.

A million questions raced through my head. How could this be? What happened to her? Who could I speak with to confirm if this post was true? It all felt so surreal. Six months before our wedding, the woman I had fallen in love with was gone forever.

Determined to uncover the truth behind her mysterious and tragic death in DR (Dominican Republic), I found myself spiraling and past traumas shattered my life even further. I felt hopeless and wasn’t certain that I could move forward in life again. That is, until I found a way.

I’m Jordan, and this is the story of my life so far. Marred with life’s setbacks, trauma, blissful love, and tragic loss it hasn’t been an easy ride, but I’m still in the game. With the will to self-endure and push through, I once again found my passion and that’s what I want to share with you.