Ruined Mate (Shadow City: Demon Wolf Book 1)

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About Ruined Mate (Shadow City: Demon Wolf Book 1)

Some things are better left forgotten.

Dreams taunt me, filling me with questions even more so than the supernatural world I’d only just learned about. Making matters worse, a vampire attacked me while I was alone in the middle of the night.

Death was imminent until a silver wolf saved me.

A silver wolf who shifted into the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen, and no matter how hard I try to ignore it, there’s something pulling me toward him.

Secrets come to light, and nothing is as it seemed.

I’m being hunted.

The silver wolf vows to protect me, no matter the cost, but the stakes are becoming too high. Not only are we fighting an unseen enemy, but we’re battling the forbidden attraction between us.

Leaving the only home I’ve ever known behind, I’m forced to face my destiny as the ones I love struggle to stay alive.

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*Please Note*

Welcome to Shadow City, where each trilogy focuses on a different pair of fated mates. By the end of every trilogy, each couple will have their happy ever after.

However, not every mystery will be solved. Some secrets will span additional trilogies, but will in no way take away from the individual stories. You can still read the trilogies out of order, but the suggested reading order is as follows:

Shadow City: Silver Wolf
Broken Mate
Rising Darkness
Silver Moon

Shadow City: Royal Vampire
Cursed Mate
Shadow Bitten
Demon Blood

Shadow City: Demon Wolf
Ruined Mate
Shattered Curse
Fated Souls

Shadow City: Dark Angel
Fallen Angel
Demon Marked
Dark Prince