Ruthless Queen

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About Ruthless Queen

“Today you’re addressing me as ‘kind ruler’, is that clear?!” My wife made fun of the fact that I had to call her something different every day. “Yes, Her…” I couldn’t get any further because my wife pressed her right shoe firmly onto my genitals and twisted around meanly. “Are you teasing me?” she yelled at me. “Another thing like that and I’ll nail your testicles to the floor with my heels!”
“Excuse me, gracious Empress,” I managed to yelp, writhing on the floor in pain.
Of course she wasn’t wearing panties. “Now you lick me twice to an orgasm, is that clear? I’ll give you the licking cycle by kicking your hangers. Start!” she snapped at me. But today she didn’t leave out any meanness either. She knew exactly what torture it was to bring a woman to orgasm with a numb, thick tongue. I didn’t have much time to think as her shoes quickly found my balls and the staccato kicking began. After a while she started to moan and pressed my head deeper into her crotch with her hands.

With a roar she came to the first orgasm and my testicles were already hurting like hell. She paused a little and jerked my head back. Her eyes twinkled as she snapped at me, “Tongue out!” Then she yanked at my tongue with her long, red claws. “Well, feeling in there again? You’ll notice that now…” she hissed sadistically and stuck her claws into my tongue. This pain even exceeded the numbness. I groaned loudly and just gurgled “Mercy, gracious Empress!”