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About Santastic

Santa battles aliens! Santa gets a divorce! Santa is murdered! SANTASTIC contains these fantastic stories and more (SO MUCH MORE!), all inspired by real letters to Santa.

Love Christmas stories but wish you could get your hands on one that wasn’t a romance? Love wild and weird fiction, but wish you could find some to put you in the holiday spirit? In SANTASTIC, real-life author Jim January takes real-life letters to Santa and twists them into ten nigh-unrecognizable tales of daring, humor, intrigue, and science fiction.

Marvel as Santa gets bored and enters the home repair business! Discover the true story behind the horrific living conditions of tooth fairies! Watch as Santa’s elves flounder at creating a first-person shooter! Listen awkwardly as your very own father explains in an unnecessarily convoluted fashion how babies are made!

Prepare to be Christmased so hard in the face that visions of sugarplums explode your brains out of all your earholes.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

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Your friend Jim