Spellraiser: A dark magic paranormal thriller.

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About Spellraiser: A dark magic paranormal thriller.

Saint Lucius’ Secondary College. Or as I called it, Lucifer’s. Hell on earth.

Society’s rich roses enjoyed a first-class education here. Facilities second to none. Teachers trained to bring forth the best.

Then, there were the thorns – me and Meg. The poor on scholarships. Teased mercilessly as second-class citizens.

Mostly, we kept our heads down, letting the elite enjoy their 80s Eden of perms and perfume.

If we stuck to the library and didn’t try to move up the vine, all was tolerable. Just.

Until the roses started turning up dead, and everyone at school thought that I’d done it.

Spellraiser is an experimental YA fantasy novelete, threaded with mystery, murder, magic & possession, all accompanied by illustrations from the incredible Sofia Behnke.

“A dark and clever YA delight…” – Coffee, Books and Magic