Stop Killing Houseplants

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About Stop Killing Houseplants

Your beginner-friendly guide to raising plants for a healthy, stress-free home
In Stop Killing Houseplants, you will discover:
40+ beginner-friendly plant profiles to get your started – presented in a clear and accessible format (including orchards, succulents, cacti, carnivorous plants, and more!)
A complete breakdown of where and how to keep your plants based on the direction of your windows, the seasons, and the weather
A comprehensive guide on how to water plants (including different types of water you can use)
How to make the perfect potting soil mix – discover a range of materials and fertilizers to boost plant growth
DIY compost pile – the how-tos on making nutrient-rich compost to help your plants thrive
Expert tips on repotting, plus 8 ways to propagate your plants – make your gardening life easy and affordable
10 step-by-step DIY methods to create your very own indoor garden
An A-Z of common plant pests and diseases – and how to fix them
And much more