The Campaign of Peerless Kent

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About The Campaign of Peerless Kent

At thirty-one, Peerless Kent has lived an unremarkable and love-starved life.

He dreams of doing something momentous with his life one day…….but just hasn’t found the right moment…..until it finds him.

Peerless is bullied into running against Congressman Benjamin Woods.

Congressman Woods has become one of the most feared men in Washington D.C. while staying one of the most loved men in Calabasas.

After only one hour into the campaign that everybody believes is doomed, Peerless is forced to stand in front of a massive crowd at the Calabasas Cowboy Cookout and fight for his life.

On a Campaign trail full of disaster and eventually physical danger the one thing happens to Peerless that he never saw coming, he falls in love with a woman who is deep into Congressman’s Woods inner circle.

Can Peerless Kent win a few votes?

Can he give a speech without being booed or having something thrown at him?

Can he win the heart of the woman of his dreams?

Can he even survive until election night?

As you tag along with Peerless Kent on this journey, you’ll laugh and be stunned!