The Coming One

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About The Coming One

The Bible and Koran tell of the Coming One who will establish a one-world government and exercise complete authority over everything. Muslims call him Imam Mahdi; Christians call him Antichrist.

Zane Sharpetta, U.S. Marine Corps retired, has uncovered a plot to bring the Antichrist to power by replacing cash with a central digital currency. With the help of NSA Agent Alyson Katsulas, they search for a way to thwart the Coming One’s arrival.

Alyson notifies her superiors, but why is she quickly reassigned? Who doesn’t want her to learn anymore, and how far does the conspiracy go?

Now, governments, secret societies, and mega-corporations hunt the couple as they race across the globe to expose the truth.
But, is it possible to stop, or even delay, the ascension of the Coming One?