The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies

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About The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies

Amidst a cacophony of lies and an orgy of censorship, there is the truth. Learn how the COVID-19 Illusion was created in an effort to lull you into a deep slumber, while your liberties were stolen. The end result is the loss of your most basic freedoms and the enslavement of your children. Luckily, there is still time to act. This psychological terror, perpetrated by the establishment on the people, is brought to you by those who brought you the September 11th false flag attacks and the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking ring. These same people are terrified you will read this book. Learn how you can take back your happiness. This book signals that the end is near for the psychopaths who run the world. A billion steps to freedom begins here as the lie is exposed. Throw away your mask. Delete the contract tracing apps. Freedom returns here.