The Wounded Woman

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About The Wounded Woman

A gripping story of obsession, revenge, and death.

Trithya is only 16 years old, living in a small village surrounded by a forest. In the words of her people, she is “the most sprightly girl in the village, glowing like a moon in the dark.”

As Trithya grows, she seems to develop her own curiosities, which spiral out of control when she enters the abandoned forest. There, she unknowingly meets a woman who vows not to leave Trithya alone until she lives again.

Who is this woman?

Why is she so fond of Trithya?

And what the hell does she want from her?

Is she looking for something that only Trithya can give her? And if Trithya won’t give it willingly, will she take it by force?
Can Trithya save herself from possession? Or will she become a victim forever?