Unlocking the Power of Fatherhood

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About Unlocking the Power of Fatherhood

It’s not uncommon these days to hear the terms “fatherless generation,” “toxic masculinity,” and “boys will be boys.” Many are trying to redefine manhood and discredit masculinity in a misguided attempt to resolve our problems. As a young man, Gary D. Rogers took time off from college to live in the inner city of Brooklyn, NY where he came face to face with the ravages of poverty and the crime, drugs, and violence that poverty begets. He saw first-hand how the poor schools entrap children in a system from which they have little chance of escaping. He learned of the state-run welfare system that systematically drove the men out of the home leaving the mother alone to raise her children in these crime-ridden neighborhoods. It was here that he began to understand that the problems we face will not be fixed by government, but that the answers must come from among us.

In his new book, Unlocking the Power of Fatherhood, Gary shares his own rich life experiences and the lessons he has learned along the way, which have all blended to forge a unique mission: to inspire authenticity in men, to equip them with workable life skills and perspectives, and to empower a healthy culture of fatherhood in our country. A blueprint for embracing the positive essence of fatherhood, it is a powerful guide for men to achieve a successful life by confronting the unfairness of society, recognizing the lessons of failure, and discovering the value in life’s difficulties. Resonating on a multitude of levels, Unlocking the Power of Fatherhood explores:
• Exercising the Power of Choice is what empowers us to reign supreme over our circumstances.
• It is in the hard times of life where we are transformed and become the people we need to be to accomplish the purpose for which we were created. We are all created with great purpose.
• Every person is valuable with an essential contribution to offer mankind and the responsibility to reach out with the best of our qualities to aid our fellow travelers along the road of life.
• The concepts of Character, Integrity, Morality, and Competency underpin the culture of honor that we so desperately need.
• And More!