Waters of Change

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About Waters of Change

The depths of the heart, if revealed, cannot be tamed.

Gwendolyn thinks she’s going crazy when she wakes up waist-deep in the ocean. One minute she’s lying in bed, the next minute she’s standing in water. Such a terrifying occurrence has happened before. But irrational visits to the beach are just the beginning. The alluring stranger she met at the shore won’t escape her mind.

His name is Marcus, and he’s all she ever desired. His metallic gray eyes make her heart thunder in her chest. But Marcus’s appearance in her life isn’t by chance, and he isn’t what he seems. He will reveal the unknown depths of her heart. She may discover things she’ll regret uncovering. Some secrets are best left hidden.

Intensely suspenseful and deeply romantic, Waters of Change will challenge the way you see mermaids. This complex paranormal romance will captivate you to the very last page.