Wicked Wish (Dragon’s Gift: The Storm Book 1)

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About Wicked Wish (Dragon’s Gift: The Storm Book 1)

A Fallen Angel is blackmailing me.

I’ve always hidden what I am: a djinn. It doesn’t matter that I can’t grant wishes, I’ll be hunted if anyone finds out.

I thought my secret was safe. Then Chicago’s most dangerous crime lord walked into my life.

Damian Malek knows the truth, and he’s forcing me to work for him in return for his silence. There’s no way I can say no. He practically runs this city, and his pockets are as deep as his underworld connections. He’s lethal, handsome, and untouchable—and if that wasn’t bad enough, a Fallen Angel.

The problem is: I’m a cop. If I get caught working for him, I’ll lose my job and wind up in prison. But if I refuse, Malek will reveal my secret to the world.

I’m ready to risk it all and turn him down, but when my best friend goes missing, I know he’s the only one with the power to get her back.

With the clock ticking down, I’m going to have to make a devil’s bargain with a dark angel and pray that I’m not too late to save my friend—or myself.

Book 1 of 4 (series complete)
Are you prepared to be whisked away from Chicago’s hidden city into unimaginable worlds filled with danger, adventure, and magic?

Wicked Wish is an action-packed urban fantasy adventure and is set in the Dragon’s Gift World created by Linsey Hall. It features a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance that culminates with a HEA in book four.