Wind of Choice

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About Wind of Choice

All sixteen-year-old Ahjin wants is to be a skydancer, but the god he doesn’t believe in has other plans. Assigned to be a priest, he runs away before he can be initiated.

But when his god is kidnapped and asks for help, Ahjin sees an opportunity for blackmail. In exchange for his own freedom, he’ll find and rescue the god from the mysterious force that’s somehow powerful enough to restrain the deity.

How hard could it be?

What Ahjin doesn’t know is that all the gods have disappeared. Suddenly, there’s more at stake than his own dreams. Without the gods’ care, the elements will destroy the world.

Aided by the gilled islander, fire mage, and shapeshifting healer he meets on the way, Ahjin races against escalating disasters. But can he save the world from shattering?

Wind of Choice is an enchanted coming-of-age adventure full of twists, turns, humor, unexpected friendships, danger and heroism. Get your copy today.