Easy Guide Books: Make Your Life A Little Easier Today by Scott Bourquin

Author Scott Bourquin
Author Scott Bourquin

Guest post by Scott Bourquin, author of the Easy Guide Books series, So, Now What? and How to Market on Facebook for Free. www.scottbourquin.com

While deployed to the middle east as an instructor pilot, many of the enlisted members of the units stationed in the same area came to me for advice. Since I had worked for places like Apple, Stanford University and AirTouch (Now Verizon) and started a successful tech company, they thought I had a magic nugget of advice for them. Sitting in the chow hall, I overheard a sergeant talking to someone else. He was wondering if he should take a pay cut and become and officer, stay in his current job, or get out of the military all together. The other person simply said “Go see the pilot”.

While much of the advice was similar, even more was different. The common thread is something I like to call the “Fog of Life”. Much like the “Fog of War” I studied as a Military Officer, the Fog of Life prevents us from seeing what we need to see. When I wrote my first book, the idea was to help the people that didn’t have the ability to wander into my office at 1 am, or catch me in the gym at 4 am. I wanted to help clear the “Fog of Life”. [Read more…]

Recommended Reads: The Maggie Sayer Novels

Author Gillian Jackson
Author Gillian Jackson

Guest post by Gillian Jackson, author of the Maggie Sayer Novels, Mr. Pinkerton and From Victim to Survivor. www.gillianjackson.co.uk

I began to write seriously about eight years ago when I developed an interest in psychology and counselling after personal experience of how powerful a tool it can be. This led to further training in the subject and also to writing, hence Maggie Sayer was born!

Maggie is a therapeutic counsellor who has had some pretty hard knocks in life but has taught herself to live in the moment, a mantra she encourages clients to adopt. Over the last few years I have worked on a trilogy of Maggie Sayer books which has now become a series with book number four, ‘The First Stone’. There is a theme of judgement running through this latest book with the title taken from the Bible verse, ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’ Like all the novels it tackles some rather gritty contemporary issues but in a sensitive way, presenting a rounded view of each issue and generally with a happy ending! [Read more…]

Kindle Unlimited: Our Take

Kindle Unlimited

Last week Amazon unveiled a new promotional tool for authors and publishers – Kindle Unlimited (KU). The service offers readers who pay $9.99/mo unlimited access to a catalog of 600,000 titles in the Kindle library. This isn’t the first time a subscription reading model has been tried online. Companies like Scribd and Oyster have had very similar offerings for some time now.

On the surface KU is an interesting option for avid readers–Pay $9.99/mo and read as much as you’d like. Browsing the initial offerings we found a small but growing selection of popular books by best-selling authors. For example, the entire Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series are included in the service. However, it seems that many large publishing companies haven’t yet jumped on board, which shouldn’t be surprising given the recent fight Amazon has had with larger publishers over revenue splits. [Read more…]

Release Spotlight: Worship Worthy by Timothy Shorey

Worship WorthyMy first book, Worship Worthy, came about almost by accident. It started with a simple posting on my Facebook page in which I strung a few “A” words together that unexpectedly had invaded a quiet early morning meditation. With this brief alliterative whim I gave voice to my wonder at the beauty of Jesus. The next morning it occurred to me to try “B” and so began a 26 day journey into joy and worship.

Alliteration is an ancient poetic device aimed to create beauty in the soul and a kind of idea-stickiness for the mind. Not everyone gets into it to be sure. Still, alliteration isn’t always as cheesy as some suggest. It often can be helpful, and even beautiful. Whether or not Worship Worthy is either will be up to others to decide. But I do know this: in this flight into words my eyes of faith caught a fresh glimpse of God, and I’m the better for it. [Read more…]

Did You Know?


American author and journalist, Hunter Stockton Thompson, was renowned for his own brand of New Journalism termed “Gonzo” – an experimental style of journalism where reporters involve themselves in the action to such a degree that they become central figures of their stories.

The work he remains best known for is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream (1971). It was first serialized in Rolling Stone, a magazine with which Thompson would be long associated, and was released as a film starring Johnny Depp and directed by Terry Gilliam in 1998.