hasty This ONE skill is the basis of your ability to think critically. It’s the ability to ask the RIGHT questions. Fake news has reached such epidemic proportions that, according to Statistica, only 26 percent of Americans think they could recognize a fake news story. Worse, as much as 90 percent of Americans pass on fake news unintentionally. On sale for $.99 (reg. $4.99) on 12/11!!! Available @ Amazon raising a puppy The book is about the 5 parts to creating effective data visualizations and learning how to present them in a proper data story. On sale for $.99 (reg. $2.99) 11/17-12/12!!! Available @ Amazon happy pregnancy In Melbourne for a friend’s birthday, Henry is desperate to escape the stresses of his life in Sydney. Spirits soar but events take a turn for the worse and Henry is forced to confront his personal struggles as well as those of his four friends. Can Henry overcome his demons and avoid tragedy? Download FREE (reg. $.99) on 12/15!!! Available @ Amazon praying for restraint Many parents decide not to talk to their daughter about puberty, but they miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a new type of trust in their relationship.

Even if you think your daughter may not want to speak about this topic with you, it’s important to remember that this may be a confusing stage in her life, and it’s necessary to give her space until she is ready.

When she is ready, you need to be prepared.
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I Never Knew You Know how to take care of yourself and your loved ones when disaster strikes with these essential survival skills On sale for $2.99 (reg. $4.99) through 12/4!!! Available @ Amazon dragons in the clouds Trucking is an important aspect of this supply chain, accounting for over 70% of all freight moved in the US and valued at more than $700 billion.

What I revealed in this book are the steps I took myself; I wrote from personal experience and offered a step-by-step procedure that is easy to understand and implement, and best of all, you can get started with very little money.
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Waking Up in Medellin When hot but clueless doc, Dan, meets awkward but ebullient cruise passenger, Ruby, sparks fly. But will three days give these misfits enough time to seal the deal? On sale for $2.99 (reg. $3.99) 12/4-12/24!!! Available @ Amazon roads to meaning OOF explores the role of satire in a society lurching from one ridiculous crisis to the next, where media outlets rely on clicks to stay alive and everything is filtered through a lens of anger and misinformation. Download FREE (reg. $4.99) 12/2-12/5!!! Available @ Amazon being authentic If you are ready to learn how to harness the power of your mind and free yourself from constant worry, anxiety, or fear- then this book is for you. It is an empowering journey that starts by discovering who we really are and where our natural talents lie so we're able to live a more fulfilling existence. On sale for $.99 (reg. $4.99) 12/7-12/24!!!! Available @ Amazon The Last Wizard After the violent –and very public – killing of a small-time drug dealer, an alienated young man with multiple personalities must determine if his hot-headed alter is responsible and how that will shape the “normal” life that he has struggled to create. On sale for $.99 (reg. $9.99) 1/1-1/2!!! Available @ Amazon roses in december What's a soldier do when there are no wars left to fight? What's a fighter to fight for when the one woman she cared for is gone?

The race is on to unmask the false Maiden before a shadowy organization can get their hands on her and use her for their own evil designs.
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The must-read YA Thriller from Cassidy Brash, Jane Kills John is a gripping and raw exploration of ambition and the value of life.
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invisible body Kevin and Faith moved to Frazier Mountain for some peace and quiet. What they found was a mountain haunted by their own nightmare monsters. On sale for $.99 (reg. $3.99) 10/31-12/31!!! Available @ Amazon Arrange Me This book gives women an easy and basic overview of what a plant-based diet is and how to achieve the desired weight loss. It covers a wide range of topics from the definition of plant-based diets to the benefits and recipes that readers can use in their meal planning. On sale for $.99 11/27-12/17!!! Available @ Amazon Thoughts of Expression "Get Out of Your Head Vol. 2" is a practical guide to navigating the harrowing subject of depression. It combines real-life experiences and peer-reviewed research to show you that depression isn't just manageable — it's also beatable. It's an empathetic, must-have guide for anyone dealing with the leviathan of despair. On sale for $.99 (reg. $9.99) 11/23-12/11!!! Available @ Amazon covert invasion Aiden, a young Pathfinder who wishes for more than his harsh life in the Eye, discovers there may be a bigger world out there when he discovers a mysterious girl within the wreck of a crashed plane. The idea of safe land outside the Eye starts to spread, and an expedition is formed to search for a new home, with the help of a mysterious group of people known as Stormwalkers. The expedition soon faces dangers unlike any they've ever seen, and wonders unlike anything they've ever imagined. Download FREE 12/20-12/24!!! Available @ Amazon ridge day one A story driven Action fantasy series with a large cast of characters In a complex world that'll develop at a interesting pace. On sale for $2.99 (reg. $4.99) through 12/31!!! Available @ Amazon scepter of flint Breakneck Booty is an effective, easy-to-follow 2-week plan that takes the guesswork out of exercise. On sale for $.99 (reg. $2.99) 12/7-12/8!!! Available @ Amazon slaughter Ever considered living in a tiny house? Curious about the tiny house life but aren’t sure if it would work for you? If so, this book is for you. From choosing the tiny house to finding land, from budgeting to design, from planning to construction, this book will be your guide to achieving tiny house freedom. On sale for $.99 (reg. $3.99) 11/22-12/13!!! Available @ Amazon solar storm Did you know that 93% of CEOs agree that THIS skill is MORE IMPORTANT than your college degree? Critical thinking is one of those skills everyone "thinks" that they already have… But most people are anxious, unhappy, doubt their decisions, and aren't where they want to be in life. Sometimes, basic skills aren't so basic. On sale for $.99 (reg. $3.99) on 12/7!!! Available @ Amazon What Bug Am I Whispers Among The Prairie devotes itself in finding pure love among the prejudices of society showing that love has no boundaries. Download FREE (reg. $2.19) 12/8-12/12!!! Available @ Amazon Conquer Logical Fallacies Experience walking in the footsteps of discoverers, inventors, and innovators through taking on real-world problems that challenge you to tap into lateral thinking and creativity.

Part knowledge question and part logic puzzle, each of these 241 real-world brain teasers will challenge you to think of things in a new light and solve problems creatively.
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