Keyport Cthulhu Lily learns she has a key role in an ancient Cherokee prophecy after she stumbles through a hole in time and finds herself in 1763. Download FREE (reg. $4.99) on 10/6!!! Available @ Amazon Salvation in the Sun Salvation in the Sun is the first volume of Lauren Lee Merewether's debut series, The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles, a resurrection of an erased time that follows the five Kings of Egypt who were lost to history for over three millennia. Salvation in the Sun spans the beginning of the tumultuous Amarna period when Akhenaten and Nefertiti ruled Egypt and struggled against the priesthood of Amun for ultimate power and divine authority. On sale for $.99 (reg. $3.99) 9/28-10/04!!! Available @ Amazon Sweet and Sassy The Greek gods are tricky, but Barnabas and Wilfred have learned a trick or two of their own in their time going around the "mythological block". They think they've found a way to outsmart the gods and get themselves out of this mess they're in, but are they wrong? If so then the dreaded Tartarus awaits! On sale for $.99 (reg. $3.99) 11/16-11/23!!! Available @ Amazon Dead Boys Antonio is sick of his mother's abusive boyfriend, and when Dave starts acting strange following the disappearance of a young woman, Antonio suspects he's responsible. But when he confronts Dave about the missing woman, Antonio finds himself facing down the barrel of a gun. With a Reaper at the gates and a gravestone at his back, Toni will risk his afterlife to catch his killer. On sale for $.99 (reg. $1.99) 9/18-10/2!!! Available @ Amazon fairy stories Seven traditional fairy stories are beautifully retold alongside seven short stories for adults that aim to maintain the spirit and messages contained in the children’s versions. Download FREE (reg. $4.59) 10/6-10/10!!! Available @ Amazon Wish You Were Here Tomas desires to be in Heaven with his Rock 'N' Roll brother Paul. Tomas suddenly finds himself there alone. Can Tomas find him before Paul's time in Heaven is up and he returns to Earth? On sale for $.99 (reg. $2.99) through 10/31!!! Available @ Amazon Blacktip Island Blake Calloway’s on the lam, trying to hide himself and a backpack of inadvertently-embezzled cash on a backwater Caribbean island. Problem is, third-rate bonds salesmen are terrible at hiding: his boating skills are iffy, the locals have him pegged and the Feds are hot on his tail. If Blake can’t figure a way out of this mess, he’ll be in a Stateside slammer so fast his head will swim. On sale for $.99 (reg. $3.99) through 10/4!!! Available @ Amazon one you feed A tentative teen is shocked when he discovers lycanthropes are running loose in his hometown. What's worse? One of them may be his best friend. Download FREE (reg. $4.99) 10/15-10/19!!! Available @ Amazon How To Recover From Pet Loss How To Recover From Pet Loss carefully details the emotions that grieving pet parents may experience and gives useful advice on supporting others (including children) and healthy coping strategies. On sale for $1.28 (reg. $5.79) on 9/29!!! Available @ Amazon Funny Thing about Love We have collaborated with USA-Today, best-selling and up-and-coming authors to provide a variety of novellas to whet your appetite for romantic comedy and happy endings.

With sweet and sassy heroines, alpha-males and laugh out loud banter, this set is guaranteed to give you all the feels this fall.

Get ready for a whole lot of sweet and satisfying romance.
On sale for $.99 (reg. $3.99) 10/1-10/5!!! Available @ Amazon
Hurst The UK survivors of a worldwide pandemic search for answers - far away from the smoking ruins of the cities, they wait in hope, scraping a living without electricity or government. Who can be trusted? Only time will tell. The battle for Hurst has begun. Download FREE (reg. $3.99) 10/29-10/30!!! Available @ Amazon

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